Dusk is a Copenhagen based femtech start-up founded by Christina Høgh Selmer Kirk and Sine Cecilie Laub with a mission to to improve womxn’s intimate health. This might sound a bit fluffy or even self-righteous. But listen. A lot of us are already aware of the pesticides in groceries, and many are also aware of the chemicals that are in many beauty products. But personally, we were surprised by how many of our intimate products (shaver, period pads, tampons ect.) that contain harmful ingredients such as perfume, plastic, endocrine disruptors like Phthalates, BPA and PFCs. Even a shaver you use in the most intimate places has hormone-disruptors. This realization initiated the journey to create a kind and sustainable service for womxn's intimate health and for our planet. Their first limited collection is out now and is a range of kind shaving products. 

Christina and Sine unite their two different backgrounds in order to create the change. Healthtech, sustainability, equality, product development and communication sum up their resumé in a few words.